Hello Everyone!

Its hard to believe that I first visited Chicago over 10 years ago. DePaul University, located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood, was the first of many college tours I took throughout high school. I immediately fell in love with the city. What major metropolitan city in the US has a beachfront right in the middle of downtown!? I remember telling my parents that everyone in the city reminded myself of me and they all seemed like people I could be friends with.

It makes sense not only did I attend DePaul for undergraduate studies, but I stayed for graduate studies, found the love of my life, bought a home in the city, and now I work helping others buy and sell homes in Chicago. As any Chicagoan knows, its not just about the  structure of a home or its updated kitchens and baths, the home is about the neighborhood, the city, and the people that live there.

This blog is not just about market trends and new construction projects (although I will likely throw up some posts about all of that). This blog is about a city and all the people that call it home. Its about me and my journey interacting with Chicago and everything it has to offer.

I’m excited to begin sharing my story with all of you!


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