From the Gold Coast to Ravinia…

Its been another amazing weekend here in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs and I am happy that I got to spend it doing things I love to do.

Friday evening I performed in a wedding service at the Casino Club, tucked away behind the Hancock tower in the Gold Coast. Somehow I don’t think I have ever seen this unassuming, one story building, but the inside was beautiful (picture below). There are building like these hidden throughout Chicago, old social clubs, renovated mansions that now act as museums. When you walk inside it is like walking into the past.


Saturday morning started early and consisted of a trip to Ravinia Park in Highland Park where my orchestra students had their final performance before summer break. In addition to working in real estate, I perform flute and teach kids how to play. One program I work with is a Sistema-style program run through the Ravinia Festival at a school in Chicago’s far-westside Austin neighborhood at Catalyst Charter School. The kids can be challenge, but they work very hard and always pull through on performance days. Ravinia is best known for its summer concerts consisting of music from all genres. You can find their 2016 concert schedule here: RAVINIA¬†

On Sunday I headed into the Loop along Michigan Avenue. I ate across the street from the Art Institute of Chicago – often rated as one of the best museums in the world. Then enjoyed the weather, walking through Grant Park, past the old Patrillo Band Shell, to the lake front. Then returned walking through the new Maggie Daley Park (which features rock climbing and playgrounds in the summer and an ice skating ribbon during the winter).

Another successful weekend draws to a close, then back to work. Already on the agenda for this week are some showings in the Northshore and a meeting about the new B&W Southloop office scheduled to open in the Fall!


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